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Vermont Salt & Vintage

Author: Walter Hard
ISBN #: B0012GE83G
Price: $12.00
Publisher: Stephen Daye Press;
Publisher Location: New York
Book Condition: Very Good
Dust Jacket Condition: good
Edition: Fourth Printing
Pub Date: 1946
Shelf wear to the book; more to tips, corners, and edges of the jacket. The original collection as first published in 1931, enlarged in 1955. "Vermont claims several writers and artists who, intentionally or otherwise, have become the makers or recorders of the Vermont mythology, the shapers of its image of itself or the image the rest of the world appears to share of the place and its people. Writers Rowland Robinson, Daniel L. Cady, Dorothy Canfield Fisher, and Robert Frost; painters Thomas Waterman Wood, James Franklin Gilman, Norman Rockwell, and Wolf Kahn are some of the best known. Few, however, seem as universally admired as Walter Hard.... It is the content rather than the form that draws readers to Walter Hardís poems. In each sketch, Hard has distilled a bit of folklore, a proverb, and expression, phrase, or some other aspect of the character and tradition of Vermont in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. This is what endeared Hard to people who read his poems and listened to him read them. Like Rowland Robinson and Daniel Cady, Hard was the recorder of the tales and the language of Vermont. His poems are the mythology of a Vermont that is disappearing but still lies within the memory of some and continues to fire the imagination of most of the people who live here or visit."--Vermont Historical Society Every effort is made to ship all books and other items within 24 hours. Clean recycled packing material will be used when possible. The Book Shed has a been a member of the Vermont Antiquarian Bookseller's Association since 1997. An online bookseller with a bookshop sensibility!