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Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie

Author: Nora Jacobson
Price: $25.00
Publisher: Upper Valley Arts
Publisher Location: Vermont
Book Condition: New
Pub Date: 2014
New in shrink wrap."Several dozen Vermont Filmmakers have collaborated in their efforts to create a new and interesting portrayal of the state of Vermont from the 1600s to today." From the film's website. “Civility tends to rule the day [in Vermont], and it is this quality perhaps above all others that endears our small republic to me, precisely, above all others, a quality that could also greatly benefit our greatly vexed national dialogue, which usually seems no dialogue at all. I am no sociologist, but I suspect this habit of mind derives from the commonwealth’s earliest days, when neighbor treated neighbor with decency because he or she knew that one day that neighbor might be a crucial friend in need.” — Sydney Lea, Poet Laureate of Vermont Books and other items ship promptly with a tracking number and (generally over $15.00) jacket protectors if applicable. Clean recycled packing material will be used when possible. The Book Shed has a been a member of the Vermont Antiquarian Bookseller's Association since 1997. An online bookseller with a bookshop sensibility!